About Our Company

Our team has been together for 14 years.

The same hardworking partners that joined us years ago are still with us today, only our working environment has changed.

When we started we had little more than an idea, some energy, 2 machines, a few  moulds and the ability to make 100 rollers per day. And some of those days were very long.

Now thankfully, due to the team’s hard work, inventiveness and support of loyal customers, we have 22 machines and can start and finish 500 rollers in 6 different diameters (from 100mm to 250mm) in one 8 hour shift.

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What We Do

Composite rollers in action

Composite conveyor belt rollers

We are the only roller manufacturer capable of making tube in 100mm diameter all the way to 400mm diameter, in varying wall thicknesses, with tailored-glass fibre reinforcement including Carbon Fibre, in any length and strong enough, in one example, to support a conveyor load of 1400 kg on the centre roller.

Basic techniques

  • Injection molded nylon seals in either impact modified nylon and bearing housing in glass filled nylon
  • Friction welded bearing housing in either nylon or hdpe
  • Sinter extruded hdpe tube to any length in diameters from 100mm diameter to 250mm in variable wall thicknesses. (Diameters-100/114/127/133/159/165/178/194/204/250)

Hollow 10 inch Cema F plus at 3300lb

Hollow 10 inch Cema F plus at 3300lb

Hollow 10 inch Cema F plus at 3300lb

Basic design

  • The seal is a composite version of the same centrifugal seal our partners Lorbrand Steel rollers have been using successfully for 20 years
  • We have made some enhancements tightening up tolerances and extending external seals to protect the roller end from spillage which can erode the composite ends.
  • The end result is a seal that is waterproof  and dust proof

NEW: Composite super light, heavy duty conveyor frame

The average heavy duty steel frame and rollers is only manageable with 3 to 4 sets of hands . Our new composite frame(Patent applied for: PA169480/P) is a minimum of 35% lighter than a heavy duty steel frame and roller set.

The benefits to using composite frames include:

  • no painting or galvanizing
  • corrosion resistance
  • vibration and noise damping
  • belt friendly
  • ease of handling

A composite 3 roller frame set, to suit a 750mm(30”) belt width in Cema C, 127mm diameter (5”) weighs in at 16kg(35lbs) as opposed to a steel frame and rollers at 25kg(55lbs)which is 36% lighter.

A typical Cema E frame set including 152mm(6”) diameter steel rollers to suit an 1800mm(72”) belt weighs in at 102kg(232lb) .In composite frame and composite rollers the total weight is 70kg(154lbs).

We think 2 sets of hands can handle that comfortably.

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Performance data

Belle Tracker on 1200mm belt


A weight saving of at least 50% over steel in any size and up to 60% for long flat returns


The rollers are  a minimum of 70% less noisy than steel rollers (test applications and installs show significantly better statistics)

Break away mass and running friction

Since the seal is frictionless the breakaway mass will only be that created by the bearing. It is important to note that 2 RS bearings are always slightly higher than ZZ bearings as the seal is better but also creates more drag

Running friction

This is the energy required to maintain the rotation of the roller. Complete change outs have shown a minimum energy saving of 8% immediately on start up.

Some things we have done

This roller produced for Brazil is capable of carrying a direct load of 1480 kg or 3256 Lbs

Return rollers for long overland conveyors – Ogp ! Chile

ISO Certification

Our flame retardant, anti-static HDPE rollers are certified to be used underground, in the USA.