Standard Composite glass filled High density polyethylene roller

Conveyor Rollers with High molecular weight high density polyethylene tube reinforced with glass fibre in 15mm or 20mm wall thickness (load dependant) in all our standard tube diameters-SABS and CEMA – 104mm to 250mm.

All rolls available in bearings from 6205 2 RS C3 to 6312 2RS C3.

Light weight, minimum 50% lighter than troughing steel rolls and minimum 60% lighter than return rollers. Glass filled HDPE has superb abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance, acid resistance and is 3 times stiffer than standard nylon 6 tube and a minimum 10 times stiffer than standard PE 100 tube with no reinforcing.

Rollers up to 2500mm in length. Hollow shaft also available to further reduce weight. All of our rollers are weigh quality rollers with certified TIR’s below 0.2mm and out of balance averaging 16 grams per plane.

Standard glass filled Ultra Hi molecular weight roller (UHMW)

Ultra Hi molecular weight polyethylene is the most abrasion resistant shell material available in the conveyor roller space.

The UHMW used in this tube has the highest impact and abrasion resistance out of any composite tube and any available steel tube.

This roller is suited to applications with unusual abrasion and high belt carryback. Put this roller in and forget about it.

Flame retarded (MSHA Certified) High Density Polyethylene roller

V0 rated and certified by MSHA  

Flame retarded High density polyethylene doesn’t drip or burn and will self extinguish in under 20 seconds after being exposed to 1000 Deg C for 60 seconds.

The tube retains very good abrasion and corrosion resistance.

FRAS (Certification pending) Flame retarded and Anti Static High density Polyethylene roller

Super stiff flame retarded and conductive tube.

Tube is super stiff, doesn’t burn, conducts static and retains very good abrasion and corrosion resistance.

Carbon Fibre 3m flat return

Super High Rigidity Carbon Fibre reinforced High density Polyethylene roller

This roller has carbon fibre reinforcement and is a minimum 40% stiffer than our standard High density glass reinforced roller.

It is typically aimed at applications where weight and extreme stiffness are required which means it is suited to conveyors with long flat returns under high tension.

A natural by product of the carbon fibre is a superb anti-static capability.

Carbon Fibre 3m light weight

Eco (Recycled) Glass filled High density polyethylene roller

In our world we love green and anything that aids the planet.

This roller has substantially all the characteristics of our standard High Density Polyethylene roller including stiffness, good abrasion and corrosion resistance but, being made from all of our off-cut material, it is also super affordable.

Impact Roller

Standard impact rollers width from 127mm diameter to 220mm diameter, with impact rubbers available in hardness from 60 Shore to 90 Shore.

Nylon roller

The original composite roller.

Spun cast nylon 6 tube has superb abrasion and stiffness and is fire retardant to V2 .

The roller is available in all our standard sizes and bearing dimensions. Limitations are roller length with maximum roller length at 1500mm.

NEW: Composite super light, heavy duty conveyor frame

The average heavy duty steel frame and rollers is only manageable with 3 to 4 sets of hands . Our new composite frame(Patent applied for: PA169480/P) is a minimum of 35% lighter than a heavy duty steel frame and roller set.

The benefits to using composite frames include:

  • no painting or galvanizing
  • corrosion resistance
  • vibration and noise damping
  • belt friendly
  • ease of handling

A composite 3 roller frame set, to suit a 750mm(30”) belt width in Cema C, 127mm diameter (5”) weighs in at 16kg(35lbs) as opposed to a steel frame and rollers at 25kg(55lbs)which is 36% lighter.

A typical Cema E frame set including 152mm(6”) diameter steel rollers to suit an 1800mm(72”) belt weighs in at 102kg(232lb) .In composite frame and composite rollers the total weight is 70kg(154lbs).

We think 2 sets of hands can handle that comfortably.